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Tumblr page dedicated to the band 0T3P, and Otep Shamaya herself.

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(Personal tumblr.)

[I do not claim to be Otep. I do not take any credit to photos unless stated.]

inspiredbyotep turned 3 years old yesterday,

jysk :)

icreatemayhem said:
OMG I love your blog, so hard to stop scrolling through long enough to send a message. I'm still in Otep overdrive from her Sydney show lol Amazing woman, it has been beautiful to realise how many other people she has inspired. Otep Saves. Tribe <3

I’m glad you like it, despite the fact it’s not very active anymore, but I did put quite a bit of effort into it when I kept up with it! You’re a lucky person to have seen her live! She wouldn’t fucking come to the UK, I’ll never forgive her :(

Totally late with posting about this cuz I never keep up with this tumblr anymore (sowwy!). I suck asses!

So who else is gutted about the release of Otep’s last album?

Tbh I don’t know how I feel about it. Kinda sad that they’re not going to be making music anymore, but personally I haven’t been all that hyped up on their last two albums. What do you guys think?

~ M


Cover of Otep’s new album, Hydra.

My Otep tattoo. <3 “May the bridges I burn light my way.”


Otep literally makes me happy no matter what’s going on in my life

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